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PRAYER (OH, LORD, MAKE ME A MOVIE STAR) (Music: Richard Rodgers / Lyrics: Lorenz Hart - 1933) **As far as we are aware, this song has never been commercially recorded. Oh, Lord, if you ain't busy up there I ask your help with a prayer So please don't give me the air Oh, hear me, Lord, I wanta see Garbo in person With Gable when they're rehearsin' While some director is cursin' I wanta open up my eyes at seven And find I'm standin' in the Golden Gate And walkin' right into my movie heaven While some executive tells me I'll be great Oh, Lord, I know how friendly you are So, if I'm not goin' too far Be nice and make me a star TRIVIA: This song was written to be sung by Jean Harlow in the 1933 film, "Hollywood Party". This idea was dropped and Lorenz Hart wrote new words, changing the title to "It's Just That Kind of Play" for proposed use in the 1934 film "Manhattan Melodrama". This version was also not used, but a third attempt, titled "The Bad In Every Man", was sung by Shirley Ross in that same film. The following year it underwent another lyric change and became the classic romantic ballad "Blue Moon". (Contributed by Mel Priddle - May 2017)


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