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PREACHIN' THE BLUES Bessie Smith 1927 Bessie Smith rec Feb 17th 1927 New York Down in Atlanta G A, Under the viaduct every day, Drinkin' corn and howlin' "Hurray!", Piano's playin' till the break of day; But as I turned my head, I loudly said; Preach therm blues, Sing them blues, They certainly sound good to me! I've been in love for the past six months And I ain't done worryin' yet! Moan them blues, Holler them blues, Let me convert your soul! 'Cause just a little spirit of the blues tonight; Let me tell you girls that your man ain't treating you right! Let me tell you, I don't mean no wrong, I will learn you somethin' if you listen to this song! I ain't here to try to save your soul, Just want to teach you how to save your good jelly roll! Goin' on down the line a little further now, There's a-many a poor woman down; Read on down to chapter nine, Women must learn how to take their time! Read on down to chapter ten, Takin' other women's men, you are doin' a sin! Sing 'em, sing 'em, sing them blues, Let me convert your soul! Now one sister by the name of Sister Green Jumped up and done a shimmy you ain't never seen! Sing 'em, sing 'em, sing them blues, Let me convert your soul! (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2009)


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