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PRETTY GIRL (NZ Folk Song) (1970) The other day as I made my way I heard the music start to play. Happy sound, people all around, I knew that I was here to stay. Suddenly, by the tree, goodness me... Chorus: Pretty girl, can I take you home On a bright and sunny morning? We danced all night in the pale monnlight, And now the day is dawning, She worked all week in a disco-teek, She looked at me but she didn't speak. The beat was good, and I knew I should Have brought an extra pair of feet, What a day, so I say, hip-hooray!... Chorus Inst. "Come on, my lover, give us a kiss!" (Boom boom boom boom) Chorus I had to weep, 'cause I had to keep On dancing in a tired heap. The only sound was the aching ground: The band had all gone home to sleep. Day had come, gone the sun, oh what fun..... Chorus x2


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