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PRISON BLUES Album: Outrider (Written By: Jimmy Page / Chris Farlow) Vocals: Chris Farlow I've been a b-bad boy baby I've been a bad boy all night long - oh yes I have, Yes, I've been a bad boy honey, I've been a bad boy all night long, That woman, she don't even let me, She did not even telephone. I'm gonna leave my little honey, Like a rabbit leaves the hole, A-ow-ah leave my little honey baby, Just like that little bunny rabbit leaves the hole, I got a weasel in my pocket, I'm gonna stick that weasel down my mamma, I'm gonna stick it down that little hole. {solo} I'm never gonna get out of this prison babay, The only way I get out is climb over the wall, Oh baby, the only way out is that I get a ladder and climb over the wall Well I can't climb the ladder baby, 'Cause I'm afraid that I, that I might fall. Come on yeah! I'm staying in this Folsom prison honey, Yeah, I'm gonna stay in this prison till the day that I day, Oh, I'll stay in Folsom prison baby, Oh, till the day, until the day that I die, Hear more, I'm gonna kill nobody, Oh my baby you know, you know that I'm staying alive {outro} 'Cause I know baby, that's gonna be a great big lie, (You know I'm livin' in this F-Fol' prison)


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