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PRIVATE BUCKAROO Title song from the film "Private Buckaroo" (1942) (Music: Allie Wrubel / Lyrics: Charles Newman) Dick Foran with Harry James & His Music Makers (Film Soundtrack) - 1942 Gene Autry - 1942 Also recorded by: Sons Of The Pioneers; Flat Duo Jets; Cowboy Envy. Private Buckaroo Way out on a range that he's a stranger to Dreams he hears the cattle lowin' But it's just a bugle blowin' True blue Private Buckaroo There in Company Q Away from corals and all the pals he knew Won't be havin' any hand in This year's ropin', this year's brandin' True blue Private Buckaroo Each night beneath the evening star He strums on his old guitar Till it's get along, Buckaroo, you're in the Army Private Buckaroo That yippee-aye lad, he may sound sad and so blue But there's nothin' he's afraid of Got the stuff a cowhand's made of True blue Private Buckaroo So goodnight, your dreams will come true They always do, Private Buckaroo (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2013)


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