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PROMISES (Randy Travis / John Lindley (m & l) ) As sung by Randy Travis 1988 < Old 8x10 > Cheap perfume, and painted faces Fallen angels fill the places Where I go when my troubles pull me down. And all the lies, I know they'll tell me And the time that they will sell me For a while, I'll be the biggest man in town. Back at home, in bed she's cryin' For her love for me is dyin' But she'll pray, I make it safely through the night. When the mornin' sun starts showin' To her bedside I'll be goin' And she'll hold me, while I face the morning light. And I'll make promises, promises to change I'll make her promises, swear I'll rearrange And I'll start givin' all the love she needs If only she will stay. Once again, she'll reassure me And I believe her love will cure me And I'll fall asleep with tears on my face. And I know she's just a woman And her love can't last forever And someday soon, I know She'll leave without a trace. For, broken promises, will tear her dreams apart Just token promises, will someday break her heart And for the last time, she'll hold me when I cry And while I'm sleepin' she'll quietly say goodbye. Notes: Randy Travis, an American singer-songwriter is well known in country music circles for his distinctive baritone voice. Commencing his career, he was seen as a moving force in country music history. He ultimately switched gears to Gospel in more recent years. < Promises > was also released as an 'B' side single 45 rpm disk in 1987. The 'A' side was < Forever and Ever, Amen > (see elsewhere in this ILP database) and many of his ardent followers feel that this song is one of his most defining, career wise. (Transcribed by David Story - February 2014)


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