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PROMISE THAT YOU'LL WED ME (Words: D.A. Norton / Music: Robert E. Whittemore - 1898) I have a little maiden young and fair Her voice is like a gentle summer breeze For other girls, alas! I do not care But her my one ambition is to please We quarreled, but I met her beneath the starry skies That she'd forgive me not, I was afraid But as I begged forgiveness, a light shone in her eyes That encouraged me, and then to her I said Oh, my sweetheart, I love you Give me your promise, darling, believe me, for I will be true Don't cast me aside, dear, whate'er you may do Promise that you'll wed me, for I love but you Oh, tell me do you love me as of old Is there love in your pure heart for me Sweetheart, as your little hand I hold So you hold my future destiny Oh, do not keep me waiting, but whisper "I love you" As I spoke thus, my sweetheart softly sighed And as she gently whispered in these words so sweet and true To all my vows of love she then replied Oh, my sweetheart, I love you I'll gladly wed you, dearest, believe me, I speak but those true Sweet words that come in love from my heart Wed me, and in life we nevermore shall part (Contributed by - May 2009)


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