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PUBLIC SWEETHEART NUMBER ONE (W. Graham John, M. Martin Broones) Billy Cotton & His Band V. Alan Breeze] Recorded 8th October 1835 Back in eleven hundred eighty There was a famous lady And when her husband's charm was fading He went away crusading Went away to war and left her flat She did not have time to think of that War is war and in war she knew There was work that only girls could do So while the others were bally-hooing Night and day she was doing Quiet little acts of charity And what did they call that lady Public sweetheart number one Loved by every mother's son While her old man was away She did one good deed each day She should care if she was missed From the New Year's Honours List She had fame and much more fun As public sweetheart number one (Musical Break) When our crusader left his charmer He had the girl encased in Some little bit of his own armour So she could keep her waist in When the village blacksmith carefully Hammered her into her lingerie Though she thrilled at the way it shone She felt funny with a padlock on One minute after her man departed Stormy weather hadn't started Who do you imagine called on her But Richard the Lion-Hearted How could she attempt to run When her costume weighed a ton She just looked at him and sighed 'Hotcha, am I fortified' How on earth could she foresee He possessed the master key And the fireworks had begun For public sweetheart number one. Transcribed from John Wright's 78 RPM Record Collection (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - January 2013)


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