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PU-LEEZE! MISTER HEMINGWAY! Abner Silver/Milton Drake/Walter Kent Elsie Carlisle w Ambrose & his Orch rec Nov 22nd 1932 also - Gracie Fields 33 You'll find that I'm the sort That likes a little sport, But theres a limit, nevertheless. There's something in your eye That seems to warn me I Had better beware of your finesse! I can understand When you hold my hand That it's love finding a way; I don't mind you feeling frilly, But when you start acting silly, Pu-leeze! Mr Hemingway! It's so plain to see You appeal to me, When you're near my heart must obey; You're so sweet and so delicious, But when you get too ambitious, Pu-leeze! Mr Hemingway! I love affection, But when we're alone; And there's one objection, If only we had a chaperone! I don't mind the park When it's nice and dark, 'Neath the moonlight I love to stay; I adore you when you're gentle, But when you get sentimental, Pu-leeze! Mr Hemingway! I love a brave man With big he-man stuff, But not a caveman, So remember not to play too rough! Being kissable I permissable, Is when you steal a kiss it's okay, And I don't mind your osculation, But my dear, my operation! Pu-leeze! Mr Hemingway! (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2008)


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