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PUMP YOUR BLOOD From "Happy Days" (Episode #142 Potsie Quits School) Henry Winkler & Anson Wiliams FONZIE Okay, like we rehearsed it... Cunningham, harmonica. Malph, bones, Lori Beth, kazoo. Jennifer, beaker. The name of this tune is "Pump Your Blood". Hit It. One, two, one, two, three ... POTSIE GOES TO HEART ON DESK AND POINTS WITH HIS FINGER, SINGS. POTSIE "Pump, pump, pumps your blood. The right atrium's where the process begins, Where the C02 blood enters the heart Through the tricuspid valve to the right ventricle The pulmonary artery and lungs. Once inside the lungs it dumps its carbon dioxide And picks up its oxygen supply Then it's back to the heart through the pulmonary vein Through the atrium and left ventricle." ALL JOIN ON CHORUS. ALL (SING) "Pump, pump, pumps your blood. POTSIE (SING) "The aortic valvels where the blood leaves the heart Then it's channeled to the rest of the bod The arteries, arterioles, and capillaries too Bring the oxygenated blood to the cells The tissues and the cells trade off waste and CO 2 Which is carried through the venules and the veins Through the larger vena cava to the atrium and lungs And we're back to where we started in the heart. ALL JOIN ON CHORUS. ALL (SING) "Pump, pump., pump, pumps your blood" POTSIE (TO PROFESSOR) Well? PROFESSOR What's this? The Zigfield Follies ... ? Weber, I apologize. I'm giving you an "A". FONZIE PUTS HIS ARM AROUND THE PROFESSOR. PROFESSOR (CONT?D) An 'A" plus. POTSIE One more time! (Contributed by Carlene Bogle - May 2005)


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