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PUPPET MAN Longdancer - 1974 i can take you by the hand lead you to a land where there's not a care i can hoax you i can coax you when there's nothing there i can tie you on a string make you dance and sing to the tune i play i can fool you i can rule you you can't get away (cause) i'm a puppet man, i'm a puppet man can't you see i am, can't you see i am i'm a puppet man, i'm a puppet man i can make you part of my plan cause i'm a puppet man i can beat you to the line bring you peace of mind for another day i can take you i can make you do the things i say i can leave you on the ground or turn your head around make you step in time i can fake you or forsake you the choice is mine and you won't understand i'm the puppet man that's what i am


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