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PUSHOVER Etta James So you told all the boys that you were gonna take me out Ya even ya even had the nerve to make a bet a yes you did That I, I would give in all of my love you would win But you haven't, you haven't won it yet You took me for a pushover Oh, you thought I was a push over Whoa, I'm not a push over You thought my love was easy to get All of the girls think you're fine They even call ya Romeo Ya got 'em, yeah, you got 'em runnin' to and fro Yes ya have But I don't want a one night thrill I want a love that's for real And I can tell by your line, your's is not the lasting kind You took me for a push over Oh, you thought I was a push over Whoa, I'm not a push over You thought that you could change my mind Your temptin' lips (Mmm hmm) your wavy hair (Oh yeah) Your pretty eyes with that (Ahh...) come hither stare It makes me weak and I, I start to bend And then I stop and think again No (No), no (No), no don't let yourself go I hate to spoil your reputation I want true love not an imitation And I'm hip to every word in your conversation Who took me for a...push over Whoa, I'm not a...push over Whoa, you thought I was a...push over Whoa, you can't (Push me over) Nobody is gonna (Push me over) Oh, you're not man enough to (Push me over) Everybody thought you was gonna (Push me over)


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