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PUSSY CAT SINGING CALL Red Bates - 1976 Sequence: break, figure, figure, figure, figure, break. (no middle break) Break: Honor to your partner, swing your honey high and low, Allemande left with the corner, your own a dosido. Ladies make a left-hand star, go full around the set, When you get back home, you box the gnat, with a grand old right and left. They call her Pussy Cat, oh Pussy Cat, when you meet her promenade, Take her home and balance out, and dosido that maid. Swing with the corner lady, boy, a little bit more than that, Allemande left, I'll tell you why, pass that lady right on by, and swing at home with Pussy Cat. (Meow.) Figure: Walk around your corner, partner Do Paso: Partner by the ole left hand, the corner right you know. Partner left, gents star right, straight across the set, To a left-hand whirl, find the corner girl, now box the gnat you bet. (left arm turn 360 with opposite, corner is then original R.H. lady) Now pull her by, swing the right hand lady, swing her high and low, (swing original opposite) Corners with the left hand, now do a Do Paso: (left arm turn 360, starting the Do Paso with the same person) New corner right, new partner left, roll promenade you know. Pretty little girl with a turned up nose, Freckle face, and I suppose, That's why they call her Pussy Cat. (Meow.) (Contributed by Bette Carl - February 2003)


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