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PUSSYCAT SONG (Manning) Gordon MacRae & Jo Stafford and The Starlighters - 1948 This is the story ‘bout a guy who came home late one night Must have been two or three a.m. Something like that Got to get some sleep, he yawned, as he turned out the light Must have been just too tired to do any reading Whether he dreamed what happened Or if he really heard it, he wouldn’t bet But he swears it sounded like two cats Singing a cat duet Come nyout, come nyout, you pretty kitten We will serenade the moon Nyot nyow Come nyout, come nyout, come nyout, my pretty kitten We will sing a little tune Nyot nyow Oh, come on When the folks got home tonight, at twelve or therebouts They locked the door and they forgot to put me out Come yout, come yout, come yout, my pretty kitten Mnow? Nyot nyow Later on when several hours had passed And the little cat had wriggled through screen door at last She hurried over to the tomcat’s place And there she found him sleeping with a smile on his face Come yout, come yout, come yout, you lazy tomcat You wanna sleep your nine lives through? Nyot now Come yout, come yout, come yout, you handsome tomcat We will catch ‘em out of tune Ooh, not nyow You been pussyfooting around You think you’re pretty hot Yep Say, what da those other tabbies have that I ain’t got? Well, er Cum yout, cum yout Not tonight, my Josephina Psss, psss Hey Say, ok, ok, I’ll be right with ya Meouw


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