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QUEENIE From the film "The Wild Party" (1975) Unknown Singer (Film Soundtrack) - 1975 She gets up 'bout a quarter-past-eleven Feelin' like Hell, but lookin' like Heaven Oh-oh, ooh-ooh-ooh That Queenie baby of mine (That's Queenie) Hair of gold and skin of alabaster She'll be your mistress, but you won't be her master Oh-hoh, ooh-ooh no Not that Queenie of mine Now and then other men Give a baby the rush (Wak-a-wak-a-doo) But you can be sure Queenie is pure Pure as the driven slush When she loves you nobody is tougher She'll give you pain, yeah, but what a way to suffer Oh-oh, woh-woh-woh That Queenie baby is fine, yeah-yeah She's a road to ruin She is my undoin' I'm crazy 'bout my Queenie She's the queen of the shady ladies But if I got to go to Hades I would rather go with Queenie She might seem kinda mean But it's only a bluff 'Cause down inside the sweetness shines She's a zircon in the rough I'm caught in the web and I gotta stay beside her I don't know if I'm the fly or the spider Oh well, things are swell Long as Queenie is mine She's a mixture of evil and innocent charm She's a kind of Lucretia Borgia of Sunnybroke Farm Woh-oh-hoh-oh-hoh Ooooh, that's Queenie (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2011)


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