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QUICKSAND (Written by Holland / Dozier / Holland) Martha Reeves & the Vandellas Oo-oo ooo ooo who-oooh! Oo-oo ooo ooo who-oooh! You're like Quicksand, quicksand Pulling me closer, closer In your arms Can't resist your loving charms You're like quicksand sinking me deeper In love with you The more I fight it The deeper in love I get Each time you hold me I feel nothing but happiness It's not safe loving you this way But from your arms I can't stay You're like Quicksand, quicksand, yeah Pulling me closer, closer Making me love you Need you (Deeper) Sinking me deeper, deeper In love with you. MUSIC INTERLUDE Oo-oo ooo ooo who-ooooh! (Deeper. Deeper. Deeper! In love with you.) My heart is a prisoner Of your warm embrace I can't help, can't help myself Nothing can take your place When you say sweet things to me I start trembling from head to feet You're like Quicksand, quicksand, yeah Pulling me closer, closer A- just can't resist you A-just want to kiss you You're like quicksand, yeah! Oo-oo ooo ooo who-ooooh! Quicksand, quicksand, yeah Sinking me deeper Sinking me deeper I just can't resist you I just want to kiss you Oo-oo ooo ooo who-ooooh! (Contributed by boB Cartlidge & Shay Griffiths - November 2002)


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