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QUICKSAND (Tim Buckley) (Tim Buckley) Tim Buckley Your sweet love is like a quicksand, A pullin' me under, and I wonder, How deep does it go, You know the sky is closin' up above me, Everytime you touch me woman, I'm like a tiger prowlin' in the moonlight Quicksand, quicksand a pullin' me under; Sometimes a love takes a funny turn around Can make a paradise out of flat champagne, A but once the party's started, Tell me who can complain; Quicksand, pulling me under For love will find you, Find you walkin' on the shore, Inside the wind it calls out to you, A longing melody pledges my soul to love, To live in love for love, To stay in love for love, alone (Contributed by =Ae= - November 2008)


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