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RAGE IN THE CAGE (Peter Wolf / Seth Justman) J. Geils Band - 1981 Shopping Center crazy I need some fast relief The boss says, "Boy, you're lazy" But I'm just bored beyond belief Laid off since last summer Man, this really takes the cake This town is like a prison And I just got to make my break They say "Be cautious, little mister" They shove it down your throat I'm 'bout to choke - choke I'm nauseous - my transistor's 'bout the only antidote to keep my temperature from runnin' wild Let me hear that radio! Chorus There's a rage in the cage There's a rage in the cage Sweet Diana to the rescue Hot potato to my aid She's the girl with the swirl Like air-conditioned lemonade But the lady's on the hot-plate Daddy's threatened to disown Handcuffed tight in a chain of events I guess I'm out here on my own It don't take a PhD To know I'm goin' nowhere fast I've got to move - I'm on the move It don't take much to see This town is livin' in the past They all just seem to wanna tie me down Let me hear that radio! Chorus I wanna rock it I've got to rock it I've gotta get me on that rocket ship to outa here This town is wearin' ear plugs I'm of age and loose to juice But they say Stop! Stop! There's a fire in the furnace Breakin' out and breakin' loose You know I'm just about to lose my mind They don't want me paralyzed They just want me neutralized Chorus


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