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RAISED ON ROBBERY Album : Court and Spark - 1974 Joni Mitchell He was sitting in the lounge of the Empire Hotel He was drinking for diversion He was thinking for himself A little money riding on the Maple Leafs Along comes a lady in lacy sleeves She says... "Let me sit down You know, drinkin' alone's a shame It's a shame, it's a crying shame Look at those jokers Glued to that damn hockey game Hey honey-you've got lots of cash Bring us round a bottle And we'll have some laughs Gin's what I'm drinking I was raised on robbery I'm a pretty good cook I'm sitting on my groceries Come up to my kitchen I'll show you my best recipe I try and I try but I can't save a cent I'm up after midnight, cooking Trying to make my rent I'm rough but I'm pleasin' I was raised on robbery We had a little money once They were pushing through a four Iane highway Government gave us three thousand dollars You should have seen it fly away First he bought a '57 Biscayne He put it in the ditch He drunk up all the rest That son of a bitch His blood's bad whiskey I was raised on robbery You know you ain't bad looking I like the way you hold your drinks Come home with me honey I ain't asking for no full length mink Hey, where you going... Don't go yet... Your glass ain't empty and we just met You're mean when your loaded- I was raised on robbery"


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