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RAMINAY (Fain / Lawrence) Jo Stafford Raminay, Raminay, Raminay, Raminay Got any chimneys to sweep today? He walks the alleys of New Orleans His silver jingles inside his jeans Give him some silver The man who cleans your chimney Raminay, Raminay Got any great loves to sweep away? Got any worry, got any gloom? The chimney sweeper will push his broom He’ll make your fire light up the room By Jimney He shines your fireside, outside, inside Until it sparkles and gleams If you’re a lover he’ll help you discover Loves loveliest dreams Raminay, Raminay Got any chimneys to sweep today? And once your fire is burning bright Invite your baby to see the sight You and your baby can love the night away Raminay, Raminay, Raminay


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