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REACH OUT FOR ME (Burt Bacharach / Hal David) Dionne Warwick - 1964 Michael Henderson - 1980 Also recorded by: Roy Hamilton; Jerrry Butler; Nancy Wilson; Universal Mind; Burt Bacharach Orch. When you go through a day And the things that people say They make you feel so small They make you feel that Your heart will just never stop aching And when you just can't accept the abuse you are taking Darlin' reach out for me Don't you worry I'll see you through You just have to reach out for me I'll be there and I'll confort you Oh yes I will Comfort you and love you How I'm gonna love you When good friends prove untrue And the things they do to you They make you feel so bad They make you feel that You haven't a reason for living So when you feel you Could throw in the towel and just given in Darlin' reach out for me


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