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REASON TO GO HOME (Sammi Smith) Sammi Smith - 1976 Everybody's leavin' and goin' home But I'll have one more cup of coffee and maybe I'll see someone I know Someone to help me face the lonely hours until dawn Oh, I wish I had a reason to go home I guess I could go walkin' in the rain But walkin' by myself, it just won't help to ease the pain The pain of spendin' every day alone Oh, I wish I had a reason to go home Perhaps it would be easier to face the lonely nights If I'd never had a love to call my own But I can still remember the way things used to be When there was more for me than emptiness to greet me But now there's no one waitin' by the phone And no one to even care if I never do come home And as I walk the empty rainy streets, I softly say a prayer Lord, give me one little reason to go home (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2019)


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