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REBEL'S LAST REQUEST (Carl Jackson) Bluegrass Cardinals eighteen sixty-three was an awful place to be I never thought I'd make it out alive But a dying man's request Helped me pass the rugged test And see the end to eighteen sixty-five He called me to his side and just before he died This Rebel soldier made it clear to me That his one last desire Before his soul it did retire Was to return home and there forever be Chorus Take me back to the southland Mississippi is my home Let me rest with those green fields above me Never more shal I roam So I dug a shallow grave marked the spot where he was layed By a nearby lonesome weeping willow tree And in case I lost my knife Or another took my life I carved those final words he said to me Chorus Eighteen Sixty-Five and I made it out alive So I returned to fill his final plea But I found no body there Just a feeling in the air And a change of words upon the willow tree (Final Chorus) He's gone back to the Southland Mississippi is his home He now rests with those green fields above him Never more shall he roam (Transcribed by Steve Gilmore - March 2003)


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