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RECKLESS From the movie "Reckless" (Jerome Kern / Oscar Hammerstein II) Jean Harlow (dubbed by Virginia Verrill) & Chorus - 1935 Intro: Dialogue Jean: What'll you ever be? What'll you ever do? How will you ever know if you don't take a chance? Chorus: You have got to gamble with fate Jean: I wanna live, love, learn a lot I'll light my candle And I'll burn a lot Chorus: You'll have some bad shots, hard knocks Jean: I'm on my own if I bruise Chorus: And there'll be smiles here, shouts here Jean: And I can take it on the chin if I lose Because I'm reckless Chorus: She's simply reckless Jean: Reckless! Chorus: She's simply reckless Jean: I'm gonna go places and look life in the face Jean (Singing): When I'm in love I'm reckless Each time in love I'm more reckless I won't go weeping For lost romances I pay my losses And I take new chances I'm reckless And I don't want advice I'll keep on seeking my own paradise I waste no weeping I just keep hoping For one who's hoping for me -Chorus girl dance sequence- Jean: I've made my mind up That I'll wind up I'll take what's coming to me I've been around It's been, why advertise I have lived And I've loved What is life Without love? Keep your feet on the ground All my friends have advised If you'll fight, you will fall So I fight, and I fell Every time my heart beats calmly -Dance Routine- -Gun Fight- Chorus Girl: I waste no weeping I just keep hoping For one who's hoping for me Chorus: Ahh...ahh...ahh...ahh...ahh...ahh!


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