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RED LIGHT Billy Ocean Red light spells danger Can't hold out much longer 'Cos red light means warning Can't hold out I'm burning Oh oh oh You took my heart anci turned me o And now the danger sign is on Never thought the day would come When I would feel alone without yo@ An' now I'm like a child again Calling out his mama's name You got me on a ball and chain Doin' things that I don't wanta. I can't stop running to you Feel love coming through you Girl with you beside me Hold on heaven guide me. Red light spells danger . . . Red light spells danger . . . I had my funk I played around Without a love to tie me down I always used to kiss and run I never wanted love to catch me. I thought I had a heart of stone But now I'm in the danger zone I can feel the heat is on Soon the flames are gonna get me. I can't stop running to you . . . Red light spells danger . . .


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