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RED LIGHT (Vivian Greene) Vivian Greene & Her Trio - 1948 My baby left town and the mule laid down and died My baby left town and the mule laid down and died Baby left town, I laid down and cried One, two, three four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten Red light, red light, red light, red light Venus was a woman, she had a whole lot of charms She got so much huggin', she wore out both her arms Red light, red light Columbus was an explorer, the greatest of his day But he got all mixed up in Brooklyn and the poor guy lost his way Red light, red light Napoleon was a soldier, the greatest ever seen But he learned all his manoeuvres along with Josephine Red light, red light King Arthur was a hero, he was known everywhere He had a round round table cause he couldn't stand He couldn't stand, he couldn't stand a square Red light, red light Red light, red light (Contributed by - March 2007)


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