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REDSKIN (John Stepan Zamecnik (m) / Harry D. Kerr (l) ) 1929 As sung by Mildred Hunt 1929 (with Ben Selvin & His Orchestra) Redskin, redskin, boy of my dreams Take me back to silvery streams And through the wildwood and childhood we wandered Songbirds winging and singing to you and me lost melodies. Redskin, redskin, let us return Where bright twilight welcomes by turn With happy hearts we'll go roaming A whistler in the gloaming I love you redskin, love you. Notes: From the B & W Paramount Pictures 'Redskin' 1929 Director: Victor Schertzinger Leads: Richard Dix / Julie Carter / Tully Marshall / George Regas There is little information available on Mildred Hunt. References to about ten of her songs appear in the Victor Encyclopedic Discography. Others appear in various places, but not many can be verified as actually being recorded by this particular artist. One of her songs included in this ILP database is PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT ME WHEN I’M GONE J.S. Zamecnik who wrote this music, besides being a composer, was also a violinist and orchestra conductor, reportedly studying with Antonín Leopold Dvorák (1841-1904). One of his many popular songs was NEAPOLITAN NIGHTS Additional: The title of this song and it's content, may offend some sensibilities. It does not represent the opinions of any of the owners or participants in this database and is presented here as an historical artefact only. (Transcribed by David Story June 2014)


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