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REFLEX REACTION (Leon Payne) Leon Payne - 1961 Rex Allen - 1963 Red Sovine - 1967 Glenn Barber - 1968 If you'll just keep busy, you won't wonder if he Is kissin' and holdin' her tight Just don't start thinkin' or you might start drinkin' Then what would you do with tonight Eternity stretchin' in every direction The minutes just start, they don't end You pick a book up, that's when you get shook up For reflex reaction sets in You pick up her picture and feel such a mixture Of hatred and love in your heart If you were together, you don't know whether You'd kiss her or tear her apart You daydream that maybe you're sweet brown-eyed baby Will tell you how wrong she has been Then just for a fraction you feel satisfaction Then reflex reaction sets in You think you will go out and have you a blow-out The evenin' is cool, clear and crisp But the blondes are too frousy, the brunettes too blousy The redheads just giggle and lisp You pick one at random and oh, how you hand 'em The line that was once sure to win Then he walks through the door with the girl you don't score with And reflex reaction sets in (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2019)


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