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REMEMBERING (Jerry Reed Hubbard) Jerry Reed - 1968 Margie Bowes - 1968 Ray Price - 1968 Mel Tillis - 1972 Johnny Russell - 1973 Chet Atkins (Instr.) - 1974 Every night I go down to the same little joint Fill up my glass till I've reached the point past rememb'ring Where the music is loud, the conversation is free A dance or two with someone to keep me from rememb'ring The fool I've been, the hurt I've caused The good woman that I loved and lost For she's constantly with me in memory I'd go home but I couldn't sleep And after hours I'd be walkin' the streets rememb'ring A good woman's love is hard to find And my woman's love was just that kind And I'm the reason that she's gone today I miss her so and the price that I pay is rememb'ring I take her to sleep in my dreams every night Then start all over in the morning light rememb'ring The way it was when she loved me Then like a fool how I carelessly broke her heart Then watched my world fall apart I'd give this world for yesterday Just to have her love me the way I remember Just to have her love me the way I remember (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2012)


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