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REMEZ (SIGNS) (Words : Chava Alberstein / Melody : Folk) Chava Alberstein (Israel) A clock that stopped ticking is a sign A mirror that cracked is a sign A little feather on the window sill A butterfly entangled in my curtains Rain on a hot summer day Ebb and tide it is all an allegory All secrets with no meaning What is the allegory and what is the connection Why do I still not understand? A torn string is a sign A blown out candle is a sign A letter sent back to its sender A dry flowerpot suddenly blooms a crowing crow-what tidings does it bring? But there is one sign I figured out on my own and I understand it very well Burning hot cheeks strong heartbeats feeling hot, and cold, and shivering, sleepless nights what does it mean? I understand now. Day dreaming, crying for no reason What does it mean? It means Love.


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