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RESIDENT ALIEN Brendan O'Loughlin Brendan O'Loughlin Can't you listen to my tale while I drink this cup of ale It won't be long before I'm leaving town There's no want for my old trade my welcome I've outstayed I'm heading for the good old U.S.A. It's not too clear from hear what I'm most supposed to fear It wont be easy that I know for sure If it's all the same to you it's time I start anew I'll do my best what else is there to do There's highways and there's freeways and there's overhead train way's The stores are open seven days a week To be employed is so hard unless you have a green card The rules and regulations are laid down It's was a long hard road sure I'm headed for the gold silver treads that look like wedding bells For the lady in my life has now become my wife For all that said and done she's number one (Contributed by - May 2008)


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