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RETURN TO TERRAPIN (Robert Hunter) The Grateful Dead Up these steps beside me climb To Terrapin and points sublime Robbed of reason, faith and name Broken-hearted blind and lame Slain by doubt, mistaken trust Abandoned in the rain to rust Shriveled by the heat of day Torn to shreds by birds of prey Shapeless in the fire's glow Tell me if you think you know Who it was we were below Where we've been and where we go Lilies have the bees to tend them Grasses have the breeze to bend them Broken hearts have tears to mend them Show us stairs, we will ascend them Stair by stair by stair we climb Voices hushed to sighs by time Speak our souls in pantomime Clear cold bells of winter chime Pale through this ghostly haze The dawn of a newborn moon Illuminates this ancient maze Of tumbled stones rough hewn Trust your faith and enter By paths the heart divines The sun lies at the center Through gates of creeping vines how faint the rays of former days in avenues of time-- but it does shine emblem of sight pride of the eyes that shatters shadow and all of the dark defies Let the sun rise! (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - March 2003)


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