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RHODE ISLAND IS FAMOUS FOR YOU Arthur Schwartz (m) Howard Dietz (l) 1947 from "Inside USA" 1948 review New York as recorded by Buddy Clark & backing group with Mitchell Ayres & his Orchestra December 30th 1947 New York [bc] Copper comes from Arizona, Peaches come from Georgia And lobsters come from Maine; The wheat fields are the sweet fields of Nebraska, And Kansas gets bonanzas from the grain! Old whiskey comes from old Kentucky, Ain't the country lucky! New Jersey gives us glue, And you, you come come Rhode Island, And Rhode Island is famous for you! [bg] Cotton comes from Lou'siana, Gophers from Montana, And spuds from Idaho; [bc] They plough land in the cow land of Missoura, Where most beef meant for roast beef seems to grow! [bg] Grand Canyons come from Colarada, Gold comes from Nevada, [bc] Divorces also do! And you,you come from Rhode Island, [all] And little old Rhode Island is famous for you! [bg] Pencils? [bc] Come from Pennsylvania! Vests from Vest Virginia! [bg] And tents? [bc] >From Tentersee! [bg] What a geography! [bc] They know mink where they grow mink in Wyomink! [bg] Think that mink's for me! [bc] A camp chair in New Hampshire, that's for me! [bg] And minnows? [bc] Come from Minnowsota! [bg] Coats? [bc] Come from Dakota! But why should you be blue? [bg] No reason to be blue! [bc] For you, you come from Rhode Island, [bg] Don't let 'em ride Rhode Island, It's famous, Just the same as Any other state you can name us! [bc] Rhode Island's famous for you! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2012)


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