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RHYTHM IS OUR BUSINESS (Sammy Cahn / Saul Chaplin / Jimmie Lunceford) Jimmie Lunceford & His Orch. (vocal: Willie Smith) - 1935 Wingy Manone & His Orch. (vocal: Wingy Manone) - 1935 Ray Noble & His All Star American Orch. - 1935 Willie Lewis & His Entertainers - 1935 Freddy Johnson & His Orch. with Louis Bacon's Septet - 1935 Skinnay Ennis & His Orch. - 1956 Big Bill Bissonnette & His Easy Riders Jazz Band - 1985 The Western Dixie Band (vocal: Chris O'Connell) - 1988 Duke Heitger & His Swing Band - 1998 Also recorded by: Cyril Blake & His Jigs Club Band; Svend Asmussen; Sammy Cahn; Laura Fygi; Marty Grosz; Don Neely; Pasadena Roof Orchestra; John Pizzarelli; George Scott-Wood: ............ and others. Rhythm is our business, rhythm is what we sell, Rhythm is our business, business sure is swell, Now, if you blue, rhythm's what you need If you got rhythm you're sure to succeed, Rhythm is our business, business sure is swell. He's the drummer man, in the band Crosby's on the drums, in the band Oh, when he does tricks with the sticks The boys in the band all play hot licks He plays saxophone in the band Joe plays the saxophone in the band Oh, when he goes up that scale (One line of scat singing followed by saxophone break) Mose plays on the bass in the band Mose plays on that bass in the band Now when he picks on those strings Happiness to you he brings (Short bass break) He blows on the trumpet in the band Steve blows on that trumpet in the band Oh, he's the guy, hits `em high Makes you think he's in the sky (Trumpet Break) Oh rhythm is our business! (Transcribed from the Jimmie Lunceford recording by Bill Huntley - November 2005)


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