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RIDDLES Harry Hemsley Harry Hemsley It always runs, but never creeps, It has a bed, but never sleeps, It has a mouth, but cannot eat, It always runs, but has no feet. Riddle-me-ree, Riddle-me-ree, It hasn't got feet, yet it runs, Oh dear me - It hasn't got hoofs, It isn't a horse, The answer's a river, A river, of course. In front of Dad you'll find it spread, It's black and white, but always READ, When taken up, now get this right, Although it's READ, it's black and white. Riddle-me-ree, riddle-me-ree, Although black and white, yet it's READ don't you see, A newspaper there, it's true what I said, If you read black and white Well it's black and white READ. It's something that some people have, Yet having it, they're losing it, And though it's lost, it still remains Because they are - abusing it. Riddle-me-ree, riddle-me-ree, They lose it and yet it's as plain as can be, They have it close by, what is it guess? They lose it, yet have it, A temper, why yes! (Contributed by James Went - February 2007)


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