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RIDE AWAY Roy Orbison Two wheels a turnin' One girl a yearnin' Big motor burnin' the road I'll ride the highway I'm going my way I'll leave a story untold Pretty girls behind me but pretty girls are everywhere Big motor wind up, ride away from here Ride away She won't approve of things I do or what I am And I don't really give a ...... I understand But she'll never see that I'll never be Any one but me She thinks she needs me, she cries for me But I know she's lying, crying for others to see What can I say, I'll just ride away Big motor run run (background) ride ride away Ride on away from big motor run run Heart-ache and misery I'm bound to wander Way over yonder Someone be waitin' just for me True love to cling to, I need a dream to share Someone to know me, Someone to show me they care Ride away, ride away >From tears and sorrow Like there's no tomorrow Tonight I'll ride away


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