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RIGHT ABOUT NOW (Rick Bowles / Jeff Silbar) Tanya Tucker - 1991 Right about now you'd be sayin' sweet nothin's And I'd be hangin' on your every word My lips would be wet with your kisses And we'd be lost in our own little world Right about now I'd be feelin' your heart beat And your fingers touchin' my skin Oh, what I wouldn't give to be back in your arms somehow Ooh, right about now Right about now you'd promise forever And swear I hadn't felt nothin' yet Then you'd pull me a little bit closer And I'd play just hard enough to get Right about now we'd be under the covers A-makin' love that knew no shame Oh' what I wouldn't do to be with you somehow Ooh, right about now, yeah, baby (Instrumental Break) Now the clock on the wall keeps tickin' Oh, but time's sure been passin' slow And it's myself that I've been kickin' For ever lettin' you go But darlin', you know where to find me Should you have a change of heart I sure could use a little of you, no doubt Right about now, yeah I sure could use you, baby, right about now, ooh-ooh Since you've been gone there's nothin' right about now Ooh, yeah, I sure do need your touchin'g right about now Oh, yeah .............FADE (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2013)


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