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RIGHT AS THE RAIN (Harold Arlen (m) / E. Y. Harburg (l) ) Barbra Streisand 1963 Also sung by: Tony Bennett Sandra Day Rossi Jeannine and Russ Miller Marleigh Rouault Steven Cralle Louise Carlyle Jessica Molaskey Mildred Bailey Celeste Holm Right as the rain That falls from above So real, so right is our love. It came like the spring That breaks through the snow I can't say what it may bring I only know...I only know... It's right to believe Whatever gave your eyes this glow Whatever gave my heart this song Can't be wrong. It's right as the rain That falls from above And fills the world With the blue of our love. As rain must fall And day must dawn This love... This love... Must go on. (Transcribed by David Story - September 2013)


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