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RIGHT STRING BUT THE WRONG YO-YO (Carson Parks) Jerry Reed - 1976 You've got the right string, baby, but the wrong yo-yo No need hangin' round my door I went this mornin' by the hardware store Got a brand new string for my yo-yo Went to the doctor got the string put on He made a mistake, put the string on wrong I said, "Hey, Doc, it don't work right no more" He said, "Well, son, there's something bad wrong with your yo-yo" My papa told me and my mama did too Son, these women gonna be the death of you Better make your mind up which one you crave Son, some of these women gonna send you to your grave, oh (Piano Solo) I took my yo-yo and I went down town I yo-yoed up and I yo-yoed down Looked in the window of a ten cent store Everbody stood there lookin' at my yo-yo Saw this good lookin' redhead, cute as could be I said, "Hey, honey, you look just right for me" But some dude walked up behind me and said kinda low "You got the right string, sonny, but that's my yo-yo," uh-oh (Guitar Solo) You've got the right string baby but the wrong yo-yo No need hangin' round my door, yay-hay (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2013)


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