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RITE OF PASSAGE (Bob Seger) Bob Seger It's the age of reason for the anarchist It's a change of venue for the lobbyist It's a dream of justice buried in the grist It's a secret briefing based on need to know It's a condescending rationale from command control Feel the sense of wonder at the overthrow It's a rite of passage through a hurricane Through a rolling thunder through a screaming rain Hear the shriek of Abel hear the cry of Cain And Abraham will take his son Five billion years from now the cruelty will be done Make a destination Of the greater truth Make 'em hang their heads and eat their words When you find the proof This is all you're given It's your only move It's a rite of passage for the everyman To a higher ground To a brighter light To a promised land You can feel the power Of the master's hand It's a rite of passage (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - May 2004)


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