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RIVER RAT (Ned Miller / Sue Miller) Ned Miller - 1968 Well from the first time I saw the river road I longed to know where that winding river goes I left my home, but little did I know I'd soon be known as the river rat called Joe So I set out to find the river's end I couldn't wait to see around each bend That river stole my heart, now don't you know That was the birth of the river rat called Joe (Instrumental Break) One day we tied at a town to take on wood I raised my eyes and there that woman stood The kind of girl that only dreamers know And she fell in love with this river rat called Joe I made a vow that I promised I would keep And here she lies beside me fast asleep But I must find a way to let her know Deep water runs in the river rat called Joe (Instrumental Break) I know some night when the rain begins to fall And I can hear that steamer's whistle call Just like a drunk to the bottle I will go And she will lose the river rat called Joe (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2020)


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