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THE RIVER SEINE (LA SEINE) (Guy LaFarge / Flavian Monod - English Lyrics: Geoffrey Parsons) Renée Lamy - 1948 (Original French Recording) Doris Day - 1949 Anders Borge - 1949 (Swedish recording) Lale Andersen - 1951 (German recording) Liselotte Malkowsky - 1951 (German recording) Bing Crosby - 1953 (Recorded in French) Liane & The Boheme Bar Trio (French recording) Maurice Chevalier - 1958 (French recording) Harry Secombe - 1963 INSTRUMENTAL RECORDINGS: Victor Young & His Singing Strings - 1950 Michel Legrand & His Orch. - 1954 The Three Suns - 1955 Trio Raisner - 1956 Roger Williams - 1957 Liberace - 1961 Horst Wende & His Accordion Band - 1969 Del Huff & His Cordovox - 1978 As recorded by DORIS DAY: The Seine when she starts on her travels Lazily flows from her source Slowly her length she unravels Twisting and turning her course Deep in the country she tarries Not knowing which way to go Till the enchantment of Paris Beckons her swiftly to flow She goes flowing, flowing, flowing As she leaves the countryside For she's going, going, going To meet Paris like a bride And she's cooing, cooing, cooing, cooing Like the murmuring doves For the Seine has gone a-wooing And it's Paris that she loves She goes singing, singing, singing She's as happy as a bride And she's clinging, clinging, clinging To the banks on either side She goes winding, winding, winding, winding Dizzy now in her bed For the River Seine is finding That her love goes to her head She goes gladly, gladly, gladly While her love is in her arms And then sadly, sadly, sadly As she leaves the city's charms And she carries, carries, carries, carries Sweet regret in her mind For the Seine's in love with Paris And she's left her love behind For the Seine's in love with Paris And she's left her love behind (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2017)


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