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RJADOVY (Traditional Lemko Wedding Song) Nasha mlada jak sosna Nasha mlada jak sosna Lem pre tebe vyrosla Lem pre tebe vyrosla Vozmi ty ko sobi Vozmi ty ko sobi A myluj ju do smerty A myluj ju do smerty Nja sja Pan Boh raduje Nja sja Pan Boh raduje Mlada z mladym tancuje Mlada z mladym tancuje Na taniri shcherbyna Na taniri shcherbyna Naj daruje rodyna Naj daruje rodyna ***** Original Version: RADOVY (Eastern Slovak) Nasa mlada recec Nasa mlada recec Nechcela jejs pere ce Nechcela jejs pere ce Nasa mlada jak babka Nasa mlada jak babka Za cepila ju svatka Za cepila ju svatka Jak se Pan Boh raduje Jak se Pan Boh raduje Ket starosta tancuje Ket starosta tancuje A ket svatka ne moze A ket svatka ne moze Ta jej druzhba pomoze Ta jej druzhba pomoze ***** English Translation: THE BRIDAL DANCE Our young bride is like the sun She was raised only for you Come close to her And cherish her till death Let the Lord God rejoice The bride is dancing with the groom The gift is on the plate Let the family donate


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