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ROAMIN’ THROUGH THE ROSES Peter De Rose, Charles O’Flynn As recorded by: Nat Star & His Band V. Tom Barrett Recorded 10th November 1930 Also recorded by: Jock McDermott & His Band, V. Jack Plant Jack Payne & His BBC Dance Orchestra, V. Jack Payne Roamin’ through the roses On a roadway leadin’ to you I’m roamin’ through the roses And bidding troubles adieu Happy, oh so happy I’m romancing all of the while For I know through the window I’ll see your welcoming smile First there’ll be a little meeting A little greeting, a little bliss Then between the bites we’re eating I’ll keep repeating a little kiss Star time will be our time That’s the one time I’m never blue When I’m roamin’ through the roses With you, wonderful you. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley -September 2013)


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