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ROBBED OF A LIFE BY A DRUNKEN WIFE (Pat Tedder / Glen Pine) Glen Pine & The Tall Timber Boys I'm the husband of a wife who roams the streets both day and night In and out of every honkytonk in town Then she'll call me in her drunk, blaming me for what she's done As I lay awake in bed wondering if she's alive or dead And the baby's crying out for mama, too In my grave alone and cold. way out by some country road I'd rather be than live like this, wouldn't you A good husband I've tried to be, until it's got the best of me Now I've turned to that old bottle, just like her But I drink all alone in this place that I call home Now I ask myself just what am I living for So I'll wrap the baby up, leave her on somebody's step And I'll find the deepest river that I can For I've been robbed of life by a drunken wife And now my life has turned to something I can't stand (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2017)


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