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ROBERT (Dolly Parton) Dolly Parton - 1969 Robert's appearance is something to behold Dressed in the finest of store bought clothes My mama sews my clothes 'cause I'm just a poor girl But Robert is as real as his daddy's gold Robert could have any girl that he wants But his feeling for me each day seems to grow And he don't know the reason that he's so drawn to me For there is a story that Robert doesn't know Oh Robert, oh Robert Robert is constantly making eyes at me He misunderstands the feeling we share There's no way that I can return his glances For I know the meaning of the feeling that's there Robert, if you knew there once was a rich boy In love with a poor girl long time ago But the folks of that rich boy would not let them marry And I am a symbol of the love that they stole Oh Robert, oh Robert Robert, oh Robert, if you only knew The same blood is flowing in both me and you That rich boy's your father, but he's also mine But my mama is the poor girl that he left behind Oh Robert, oh Robert Oh Robert, oh Robert (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2019)


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