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ROBIN HOOD (Louis Prima - Bob Miketta) Louis Prima - 1946 Many long years ago, a fellah named Robin Hood He used to rob the rich most every chance he could Oh, you shouldn't get me wrong because he was no square With his trusty bow and arrow he could part your hair His brother was Little John, another was Alan A'Dale A hundred and forty more, together they hit the trail They would scamper through the forest to the Blue Boar Inn Mister ???? told 'em where they should begin They took from the rich man and gave it to the poor man Had a fear of no man, only for his chick whose name was Marian Here is a switcheroo for Robin Hood's loyal crew King Richard forgave them all, here's what they had to do They became his Royal Rangers and were very good So that ends our little tale of Robin Hood (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2017)


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