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ROCKHOUSE (Jenkins) Roy Orbison Blue lights, big crowd Jukebox plays loud No fear, no cares Everybody rockin' everywhere CHORUS: Rockhouse, Rockhouse, Rockhouse We're goin' to the Rockhouse, rock, the Rockhouse We'll rock it in the mornin', rock it in daylight Rockin' through the evenin' & won't be home tonight Rockhouse, we're goin' to the Rockhouse, rock, the Rockhouse (instrumental) Are late, you'll lose No trouble, no blues Come one, come all We'll rock it up & have a ball (chorus) (repeat title & fade) Uptown (Roy Orbison/Joe Melson) (U-uptown, u-uptown) Uptown, in Penthouse #3 Uptown, there lives a doll just made for me She's the finest thing that you've ever seen, uh huh Uptown, I see her most every day Uptown, but she never ever looks my way I'm just a bellop; you see, I can't stop & tell her what I wanna say (x2): One of these days I'm gonna have money She'll wanna be my ever-lovin' honey It won't be long, just-a wait & see I'll have a big car, fine clothes & then I'll be Uptown, in Penthouse #3 Uptown, just my baby & me (repeat & fade): (U-uptown, u-uptown)


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