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ROCKIN' CHAIR (Hoagy Carmichael) Louis Armstrong with Hoagy Carmichael - 1929 The Mills Brothers - 1932 Mildred Bailey - 1937 Gene Krupa & His Orch. - 1941 Lonnie Johnson - 1967 Also recorded by: Bix Beiderbecke; King Cole Trio; Crystal Gayle; Casa Loma Orch; Peggy Lee; Hi-Lo's; George Melly; Bing Crosby; Barbara Lea; Lou Rawls; Tex Beneke & Orch; Ray Bryant; Larry Clinton Orch; Rosemary Clooney; Maria Muldaur; Roy Eldridge Orch; Duke Ellington Orch; Nat Gonella; Prudence Johnson; Marian McPartland; Paul riobeson: ..... and others. Old rockin' chair's got me, my cane by my side Fetch me that gin, son, 'fore I tan your hide Can't get from this cabin, goin' nowhere Just set me here grabbin' at the flies round this rockin' chair My dear old aunt Harriet, in Heaven she be Send me sweet chariot, for the end of the trouble I see Old rockin' chair gets it, Judgement Day is here Chained to my rockin' chair Old rockin' chair's got me, son, (Rocking chair got you, father) My cane by my side, (Yes, your cane by your side) Now fetch me a little gin, son (Ain't got no gin, father) What? 'fore I tan your hide, now, (You're gonna tan my hide) You know, I can't get from this old cabin (What cabin? joking) I ain't goin' nowhere (Why ain't you goin' nowhere?) Just sittin' me here grabbin' (Grabbin') At the flies round this old rockin' chair (Rockin' chair) Now you remember dear old aunt Harriet, (Aunt Harriet) How long in Heaven she be? (She's up in Heaven) Send me down, send me down sweet (Sweet chariot) chariot End of this trouble I see (I see, Daddy) Old rockin' chair gets it, son (Rocking chair get it, father) Judgement Day is here, too (Your Judgement Day is here) Chained to my rockin', old rockin' chair ***** As recorded by Louis Armstrong & Hoagy Carmichael: HOAGY: Old rockin' chair's got me LOUIS: Old rockin' chair gotcha, father HOAGY: My cane by my side LOUIS: And your cane is by your side HOAGY: Fetch me that gin, son LOUIS: I ain't got no gin, father HOAGY: I'm gonna tan your hide now LOUIS: You're gonna tan my hide HOAGY: I can't leave this cabin LOUIS: What cabin? Jokin' fellows HOAGY: I ain't goin' nowhere LOUIS: You ain't goin' nowhere, wooah HOAGY: Just sit me here grabbin' LOUIS: Grabbin' HOAGY: Grabbin' at the flies round this rockin' chair LOUIS: Rockin' chair, oh Lord HOAGY: My dear old aunt Harriet LOUIS: Aunt Harriet HOAGY: How long in heaven she be? LOUIS: Heaven she be, be-da-zo-woh HOAGY: Just send that sweet chariot LOUIS: Oh, chariot HOAGY: For the end of the troubles I see LOUIS: My sweet Cherie HOAGY: Old rockin' chair gets it, son LOUIS: Old rockin' chair git it, father HOAGY: Judgement day is near LOUIS: And judgement day is here HOAGY: And I'm chained, chained to my rockin' chair (Contributed by Bill Huntley - February 2005) *****


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