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ROCK ME Rev Thomas A Dorsey (original title "Hide Me In Thy Bosom) as recorded by Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder & his Orchestra Oct 31st 1938 Now won't you hear me singin', Hear the words that I'm sayin', Wash my soul with water from on high! While the world of love is around me, Evil thoughts do bind me, But oh, if you leave me I will die! You hurt me in my bosom, And the storms of life is all around, Rock me in the cradle of our love. Only feed me till I want no more, Then you take me to your blessed home above. Make my journey brighter, You make my burden lighter, Help me to do whatever I can. Oh, let thou presence thrill me, Thou loving kindness fill me, Then you hold me, hold me in the hollow of thou hand. You hurt me in thou bosom Till storms of life is over, Rock me in the cradle of thou love. Only feed, Then you'll take me to your blessed home above. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2013)


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